The Siren by Kiera Cass

4 star read…

The Siren was an enticing read. I fell in love with the cover, I mean who wouldn’t? At times The Siren felt slow paced but was melodic in its delivery. The story was somewhat morbid because the Ocean was frighteningly complex, Her ubiquitous presence felt sinisterly intriguing, and Her love all encompassing yet demented. I thoroughly enjoyed the touching love story of Akinli and Kahlen, as well as Kahlen’s relationship with her sisters. The Siren is a morbidly enchanting tale of love, loss and friendship. A great read for a rainy day.

Here’s a quote that I liked:

“Maybe I had to exist in constant sadness. She told me to live…I didn’t know how to tell Her that simply being alive was not enough to be called living.”

The Siren Video
Click on the picture to watch The Siren book trailer. I absolutely adore the haunting music lyrics written by Kiera Cass!
Click here to read the book blurb on Goodreads.


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