Risk by Fleur Ferris

I read an excerpt of this book earlier in the year and I was lucky to receive a copy from the lovely author for a review.. Now that I have closure, what can I say?

-5 star read-


Never have I read a book that made me gasp, cringe.. give Goosebumps.. I smashed this book in about 2 days and I urge ALL adolescents and parents of adolescents.. This book sends a powerful message of the dangers of online chat rooms and meeting strangers on the internet..

This story is told by Taylor who is best friends with Sierra, a girl who she’d love to hate.. Sierra meets a random on the internet and asks Taylor to cover for her when she goes to meet this random in person.. Taylor, thinking this is normal as it’s happened before, covers for Sierra thinking she will return.. But Sierra doesn’t come home the next day, or the next day.. or the day after that which sends Taylor into a dilemma.. where is Sierra? should I tell my Mum or her parents she’s missing? Will I get into trouble? how long should I wait.. will it be too late by then? What if I’m just paranoid over nothing? This story doesn’t just focus on immediate dangers and Sierra’s disappearance however it demonstrates the affects this has on those around her – Taylor for one, their circle of friends, families..

Although it’s fiction, this story is real and these stories are all too true.. READ IT!!!

Very well written and amazingly accurate reference to criminal law and police processing, the story felt so real!!!



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