Cloudwish by Fiona Wood

5 stars!

Vân Uóc is a totally relatable character, this is a heart warming and heart felt read exploring themes of diversity, identity, choices, family and socio-economic realities of immigrants and their kids growing up in Australia. A thought-provoking, humorous read that is both entertaining and truthful in its delivery. I laughed and felt pangs of sadness too. It’s by far one of the best YA reads for me, the themes resonated on so many levels. Highly recommended if you’re after a fun read with a touch of seriousness and magic.

P.S. The cover is also gorgeous!

– NJ

Such an elegant and heart warming coming of age story about a girl called Van Uoc, Australian born to Vietnamese parents who migrated to Australia as refugees. Trapped between 2 cultures, Van Uoc struggles to be true to herself as she’s stuck between wanting to follow her dreams and meeting her parents expectations. All the while, Van Uoc is struggling to navigate daily life in a Grammar school where she attends on scholarship. She’s treated differently.. bullied yet invisible, until one day she makes a wish for the school’s most eligible bachelor to look her way.. then a whole new adventure begins.. A very enjoyable and addictive read..

– Annie

Click here to read the book blurb on Goodreads.

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