Under a Starless Sky by Banafsheh Serov


Under a Starless Sky is an amazingly gripping page turner!!!

I cringed.. I giggled.. I cried..

I felt such a mix of emotions as I was reading this story and yes I cried at the end..

This book is such an eye opener and made me realise just how blessed I am with the life I was given. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Banafsheh as she was our special guest author for a Read3r’z Re-Vu session, and I still keep in contact with her.. Personally, I believe Banafsheh is a lovely lady and a true inspiration!! Even with the pain and suffering she and her family endured, Banafsheh is still full of spirit and has accomplished so much!! I highly recommend her book to EVERYONE!!! it’s a MUST READ!! Banafsheh, no doubt opening up and reliving those horrors was not easy but thankyou so much for sharing your story!!

18215195Keep an eye out on Banafsheh’s 2nd book ‘The Russian Tapestry’

The Russian Tapestry on Goodreads.com



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