The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher

One very cool and geeky read.. 5 Stars!!!

I was first told about this book at a YA book seminar and given my love for the Supanova Convention and books alike, I thought I would appreciate this one… and I did!!! This was such a fun read!! I really enjoyed it..

Ana: uptight, intelligent, from a family who have set high expectations of her is captain of the quiz bowl tournament, involved in archery – engages in extra curricular activities to ensure her place in a top notch college..

Zak: laid back, funny geeky boy into comic conventions and dungeons and dragons, although intelligent, he doesn’t have much focus and is forced into the quiz bowl tournament to graduate high school..

This unlikely pair first meet in the school library then end up on the same team for the quiz bowl tournament that’s on the same weekend as Zak’s favourite annual event- comic convention: WashingCon.. In order to graduate high school, Zak is forced to participate in the quiz bowl tournament which  means – giving up his favourite Con.. However.. One fateful night, both Ana and Zak are forced to go to the convention together!!! and the adventure begins..

I understood the referencing to the comic conventions which I guess is what made it really funny.. such a cool read I found myself giggling to myself when on a public commute.. This would have to be one of my favourites..


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