Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Another title that would have to be added to the “officially one of my favourites” list.. 5 stars!!!

This is a story of young Gwenyth who is an ordinary teen complaining about assignments and stupid boys only to suddenly realise she’s inherited a time travel gene she once thought her cousin had.. With great power comes great responsibility and intrigue and many unanswered questions.. being thrown into the deep end, Gwenyth is still trying to find her feet in all this whilst facing a possible life threatening situations..

Fantastic world building and time travel concept.. I thoroughly enjoyed this book… Unlike a lot of time travel books I have read, the concept was delivered in a concise manner rather than a detailed explanation.. Ruby Red is the first instalment of a trilogy that is really worth investing in!!!

Also available in the series…

          sapphire blue         emerald green

Ruby Red Synopsis, click to:

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