Hate is Such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub

I hate being invisible.

I hate that I still can′t fight my own battles.

I hate that I can′t keep up with the demands of high school.
-quote from “Hate is such a Strong Word”


My thoughts – BRILLIANT 5 STAR BOOK!!

This book tells the story of Sophie. Australian born to Lebanese parents, she felt trapped between to cultures and boggled with expectations. Although I am not of the same culture or faith as Sophie, I saw so much of myself in her – her beliefs, how she felt about cultural identity, her apprehension about cultural community involvement and her passion to be independent – not just from friends and community but from her family and their expectations of her. We are both advocates of having your own say about your own life rather than existing to fulfil other people’s fantasies for fear of being labelled rebellious.

A lovely coming of age story that explores cultural diversity in Australia and the curse of racism/reverse racism that exists among the community and even in public schools. It was quite exciting to have the author contact me personally after reviewing this on Goodreads.com. It was even more exciting to have Sarah join Read3r’z Re-Vu as our special guest author!!!

I recommend this to all Aussie YA fans – very insightful!!

In the last week, Sarah released her new book: The Yearbook Committee it’s on the to read pile so a review will be posted soon!!!





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