The First Third by Will Kostakis

“chicken fillets” .. that is all ..

In light of today’s launch of Will Kostakis’ new book “The Sidekicks” I would like to share my review of “The First Third”. This was not Will’s first book but it was the first book I read by him.. I had the pleasure of meeting Will the night I got this book at Penguin Teen Australia (PTA) Live where he told us about his writing journey, life outside of author duties and his poor Yiayia’s struggle in trying to find his new book on the shelves the day it came out..

“it can only mean 2 things when Yiayia has called me in hysterics.. 1: someone in our family has died or 2: someone on the Bold and the Beautiful has died……”

I started reading this book the moment I got on my train home. Finished it in approx. 2 days!!!

Loosely based on Will’s life, this is such a hilarious read yet it had twists and very heart felt moments that would remind you of true life events and of precious things that are close to home. I found this to be an entertaining coming of age story. The dialogue is hilariously smart and I felt in touch with the main character, it was so easy to read, it was just like watching a comedy movie.. My friends and family who were around me at the time will remember me literally giggling my way through this book!!! So my tip to you is – don’t read this on public transport (LOL)

I highly recommend it to all YA Fans who really need a laugh or a light read..

Link to synopsis of: The First Third



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