Noah’s Law by Randa Abdel-Fattah

An interesting and addictive 5 star read!!!

This is awesome!!! One I would call “un-put-down-able”. A very well written story about Noah – a teenage boy from a rich family who is a bit of a delinquent – doesn’t care for life or school, didn’t exactly have much in terms of future prospects as he felt everything in life was just handed to him until one afternoon when Noah’s father is informed of his most recent prank, he’s had enough and Noah is sent to his Aunty’s law firm during the school holidays as a punishment and lesson in discipline. In hating his fate, Noah drags the chain and complains about his time at the firm until one day, he gets wrapped up in a case he becomes determined to solve.
The mystery in the storyline and the use of legal jargon was what really gripped me and what I also liked was how an “amateur” was prepared to take on the big guns so justice would prevail, even if it meant going against his own superiors.
Although this was found in the YA section, I recommend it for older readers too.



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