White Tiger by Kylie Chan

– 5 STARS –

This was the book that triggered the Kylie Chan fan club within Read3r’z Re-Vu, it was the book that started the chat room read along which led to our exclusive dinner with the author after Oz Comic Con Day!!!!

Emma – young woman from Australia accepts a position as a live in nanny to the young daughter of a handsome, wealthy, and mysterious Chinese businessman…
Only to discover that Chinese mythology is all too real, her new employer is really a god and every foul demon in creation is out to destroy him!!!!

I first heard about this book at the Supanova Convention when Kylie Chan was on the panel of Fantasy Fiction authors discussing the series. With my love of Chinese Mythology, I was entranced the moment she spoke of White Tiger so I high tailed it to her stall for a personally autographed copy. I then spread the word and got everyone else reading this book which started our KC Fan Club. I really couldn’t put this book down, such a page turner!! Chinese Mythology intertwined with real world.. action packed.. funny and a hint of romance.. great quality read!!
I gobbled up the trilogy pretty quickly..


Addictive!!! A real page turner!!! I made the mistake of putting it down because someone else in my house picked it up and kept reading – I had to wait until they were finished before I could finally finish this. I loved this book and the Dark Heavens trilogy. I wouldn’t recommend you to start reading it at night unless you plan on forgoing sleep. It was so exciting to have dinner with the author after I read this, was fun to get to know her and her ‘secrets’ behind White Tiger and the series.

This is my number 1 book so far! An amazing read that was hard to put down. Looking back I don’t know why I hesitated to read it, I thought there was no way I would enjoy a martial arts themed book but now I think I will be seeking more of them out in the future. An absolute must read!! White Tiger was something I never read before!!!

White Tiger is the first book of the Dark Heavens Series which is followed by
the Journey to Wudang Series then the Celestial Battle. Black Jade will be the final instalment of the Celestial Battle that is due for release in May 2016.

This series is one of the Read3r’z Re-Vu Committee’s absolute favourites!!!

trilogy plus trilogy

black jade


One thought on “White Tiger by Kylie Chan

  1. In June, we also went on a self guided tour of Hong Kong based on locations mentioned in White Tiger. Best moment was eating at Arima, a Japanese restaurant that inspired the restaurant owned by the White Tiger in the novel! The journey took our reading experience to a whole new level. Thank you Kylie for sharing your inspiration with us.

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