Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

A real giggle instigator – 5 STARS

This was a crack up!!! A unique and incredibly entertaining read.. It would have to be one of the feel good reads of the year and a book I can see transform into a comedy movie..

‘Attachments’ brought back fond memories of my youth in 1999 when the world was going into the new millennium and the panic of Y2K was upon us.. Told from 2 different perspectives, at one stage you’re reading intercepted email conversations between 2 besties in the office, next you’re reading from the perspective of the I.T techo who monitors all workplace emails and the awkward moment when he stumbles across the conversation the 2 besties are having… about HIM!!!

Hilarious, entertaining… such a feel good romantic comedy.. It will make you think twice about the email conversations you would want to have in the workplace..

I recommend this to anyone who has had a rough day and needs a laugh.. great book!!!



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