Behind the Mask by Juliet M. Sampson

A page turning 5 star read

I met the lovely Juliet M. Sampson via social media and she posted an advanced copy of this book to me. I managed to read this in just over a day!! It was one book I could not put down and it is now one of my favourites.. I recommend this read to all women!!

This is a story of an intelligent and ambitious woman who is from a good home and just started her career. She fell in love with who she believed to be her Prince Charming as all young people do only to find him to be a manipulative, deceiving and abusive man behind the mask… The story takes you through this brave woman’s journey and survival of an abusive relationship and sends a clear message to all readers that it is not OK to stay in an abusive relationship and never too late to make the decision to leave and find happiness..

Heads up.. you WILL gape at the end!! Such a page turner with an unpredictable twist.. I give this 5 stars!!

Juliet, once again thankyou so much for sending me a free copy!! It will be cherished forever!!



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