The Hunt for Pierre Jnr by David M. Henley

He can make you forget…

He can control you…

And he is only eight years old…

Full synopsis:

The first of an epic trilogy, this is a fantastic Sci-Fi Thriller that I rate 5 stars!!!! Imagine yourself in a post apocalyptic world where an 8 year old kid named Pierre Jnr has the power to make you forget or control you like a puppet with the touch of his hand.. The hunt is on to track this powerful kid down.. Very well written with careful world building and scene setting, the book grips you from page 1..

I had the privilege of having author David M. Henley join us at Read3r’z Re-Vu as our special guest author. It was great to hear his inspiration for writing this book and about his adventures in Paris that led to writing this and the subsequent titles.. It really is well worth the read!!!

Check out the rest of the trilogy:

manifestion convergence



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