The Peony Lantern by Frances Watts

A Read3r’z Re-Vu Special Event
The Peony Lantern Exclusive Read Along
5 star book and experience

On August 25, 2015: Annie, NJ, Meredith and Tien enjoyed the unique experience of The Peony Lantern read a long with author Frances Watts!!! As per Read3r’z Re-Vu tradition, we did a countdown at midnight to lead us in to the read along and Frances enhanced our read along experience by posting inspirational photos for each chapter we were reading. Such a unique experience, not only to be engaging in a read along with a lovely author – but the book really came to life in such an amazing way, it was much better than seeing a movie!!! We then had a debrief with Frances at Kura Kura Restaurant to talk about the book and enjoy a fantastic Japanese cuisine… Frances, Read3r’z Re-Vu thanks you for the exclusive time you spent with us during the read along and at our debrief dinner, we look forward to spending time with you again soon!!!

Head to Goodreads for insight into The Peony Lantern by Frances Watts

Didn’t see that twist coming!! This book had one of those endings where you need a good 5 minutes of silent reflection to absorb the shock and the “how did I not see this?” moment. Another great plot-driven book by Frances Watts. You can see the extensive effort and research she has put into writing this story set in Edo, Japan. The idea of a peasant girl selected to work as a lady’s maid for a Samurai’s Court immediately sounded intriguing and indeed it was! If you’re after mystery, class systems, friendships, betrayals, journeys, beauty, love, culture and history in a plot gripping YA quick read, I highly recommend this book!!!

This is officially one of my favourite books.. I learnt a lot about 19th Century Japan, Japanese art and culture.. The plot really gets your mind ticking and I really did not see the twist coming towards the end.. the book was such a roller coaster ride!! So elegantly written, so insightful, you can tell the author has put in a lot of effort and research into this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it – one I could not put down!!!

I was late in starting this book yet I finished it about 48 hours before everyone else did. This book is fantastic, a lot of research was put into this and the storyline is very gripping. One of my favourites…

The plot itself was truly enjoyable. The first half wasn’t slow but the pace was ramped up in the second half and it really became un-put-down-able then. You just want to keep going to find out what the secret really is (I guessed correctly for this part) and then, you want to find out the answer to the mystery (this was a twist I appreciate). The Peony Lantern engaged my interest from the beginning and had me enthralled to the end. If you’re a parent, let me assure you that this book is clean. There’s a bit of romance but Kasumi was quite the sensible girl to the end (and I just love her all the more!). There are many themes / topics for good conversation of gender, rank, education, culture, etc. I won’t hesitate in presenting this book as gifts to my nieces.

Thankyou so very much, Frances Watts for this awesome experience!!!


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