Yukarism Vol 1-4 by Chika Shiomi

A manga series about love transcending time…

Volume 1-4.5 Stars

In this volume we meet the main character Yukari and the two other characters Mahoro and Katsuhiko who are friends with Yukari.

Yukari is a 17 year old famous male author in the modern day. Yukari was born with memories from his past life. In his past life he was an Oiran (a beautiful, renowned high class female courtesan) from the Edo time period.

The two characters Mahoro and Katsuhiko are also reincarnation from the same time period as Yukari. These two characters don’t have their memories, but during the Edo time period they knew each other in the red light district.

– Meredith

Yukarism volumes 1-4 is a fantastic manga series about past lives, love and an ancient curse binding three incredible characters from the Edo period Japan to modern day. Story building, back story and characterisation are amazing. The story explores themes about belonging, self-sacrifice, acceptance, connections and love. The drawings are beautiful and intricate, I loved it so much that I was inspired to draw a large fan-art poster for Meredith (see below, it’s obviously not as beautiful as the actual drawings!). Recommended if you’re after a manga series that is short and sweet (some manga series can span 10+ volumes). If you like endearing characters, magic, intricate drawings and a heartfelt story about love transcending time, this is a great read to sink your teeth into!

Click here to read the story blurb on Goodreads.

– NJ

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