Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

 – 4.5 stars –

Violin prodigy Etta Spencer’s fate takes a interesting and unpredictable turn when one night, she loses everything she knows and loves as she is thrown into an unknown world and wakes up on a boat as a ‘passenger’. Etta then comes to realise, she isn’t just far from home, she’s years from home and has inherited a family legacy she knew nothing about. Etta meets Nicholas Carter, who tries to protect Etta on board the ship by saying he is her passenger. Both Etta and Nicholas are sent off in search of a stolen object of untold value as it is believed only Etta can access.

This is one very imaginative and clever storyline, intricate and detailed world building in the beginning but once you pass that, the adventure really takes off!!! I have read stories of time travel however this was delivered very smartly – and it was very different to what I have read in the past I also found references to historical areas were accurate which adds to the quality of the read.. If you’re looking for a unique time travel adventure, this would be it!!!

Special thanks to Harper Collins Publishers for providing me with an Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review. Please note, this book is now available in leading book retailers.


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