Threader by Rebekah Turner

Action-packed sci-fi YA read with a side of romance – 4.5 stars!

Expected publication: June 2016

Josie is an unregistered talent Threader who must keep her unusual talent hidden from the government. Being a Threader meant that she’s got the rare ability to enhance and manipulate other people’s “talents” (aka special powers); her talent is  powerful and her past is a mystery. Set in the year 2050, in a world filled with robots, emerging “Mars” colonies, non-citizens and people with special genetic abilities; Josie desperately wants to find her place in the world, and through a series of unfortunate events finds herself at Helios Academy, a prestigious corporate facility that trains many of the genetically “talented” people. Will she survive?

I enjoyed the mystery and world building in this book. Most books with good world building tends to be a bit slow and very descriptive, but this book had the perfect pace. Josie’s Threader power is also quite imaginative and fascinating. I also liked the fact that even though Josie is deemed “special”, she still made some wrong, shameful choices. Our protagonist however is nonetheless a courageous character who goes after what she wants and is unafraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. The plot is fast paced and the book can be read in one setting. If you like to escape reality  and like a good plot-driven YA read with a side of romance, you will enjoy Threader. Also, if you’re a fan of Four from the Divergent series, you will absolutely fall for Blake. You have been warned.

Click here to read the book blurb from Goodreads.

– NJ


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