Hijabi Girl by Hazel Edwards and Ozge Alkan, Illustrated by Serena Geddes

Australian Children’s Book – 5 Stars
Suitable for readers aged 7+

Melek is the imaginative problem-solver. Unable to find a book character in a hijab for the Book Parade, Melek writes her own, with a bit of help from Tien. Melek always finds answers, some are under her super hijab. For others she needs the help of newcomer Tien who draws fantastic worlds as an escape , dress-ups-guru Lily or even soccer-mad Zac who NEVER agrees with her. Melek wants to start her own Aussie Rules girls’ football team. New girl Tien is a cartoonist and draws ’everything’ that happens at school, even the Book Parade.
-Synopsis from Goodreads.com

This is a great story and one I could relate to even as an adult. I read this in one sitting, it’s pretty cool..
‘Hijabi Girl’ teaches kids to choose your socks, not your friends, by colour.. Melek is a hijabi girl who wants to create her own Aussie rules team and forms friendships in a non Muslim society.. I really saw myself in Melek, a girl who doesn’t see her hijab as a boundary to great things.. Where is it written a hijabi girl can’t play Aussie rules!? (lol) I love how this story talks of friendship among cultures, where difference is embraced not rejected.. I can see this story is a step to bridging gaps in the younger generation.. I encourage all younger readers to read this as soon as possible…

Special thx to my friend Juliet M. Sampson (author) who sent this book to me as a gift!!!

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