The Crown by Keira Cass

The 5th and final instalment of The Selection Series – ends with 4.5 stars!!!

From the first book of the series “The Selection”, I always described this series as The Bachelor meets Cinderella in a Dystopian Setting… As the story continues, The country of Illea still uphold their tradition of ‘The Selection’ when their heiress is born – Eadlyn Schreave. When Eadlyn became the first princess and was to hold her own Selection, she felt rather rebellious and was certain she would not give her heart to any of the 35 suitors and was doing all she can to send them all home however as different incidents transpire at the palace force Eadlyn even further into the public spotlight, she realizes that she may just have to embrace The Selection and to choose a suitor for a husband after all…

All I can say is finally I have closure to a pretty awesome series I have read for awhile, I would like to rate this one 4.5 stars… There were major twists I didn’t see coming towards the end however during the previous book, I did have a theory but then felt it was too far fetched only to realise, I really should have put money on it!!! A fast paced and very enjoyable read.. An ending to a series you would not believe..

Many thanks to Harper Collins Publishers for sending me a copy for a review!!


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