The Diet Starts on Monday by Tamar Chnorhokian

Blog Duet by Amanda and Annie – both rating this sweet book 4 stars

“Finding True Love Will Taste So Sweet”
Zara is size 22 – has a secret crush on the hottest boy in school who happens to have a skinny girlfriend – Zara hangs out with her best friends Carmelina and Max and she learns some of life’s hard lessons when she puts these friendships on the line and goes on a diet to win the boy of her dreams..

This book transported me back to high school. The emotions in this book are authentic and I found myself experiencing Zara’s emotions along with her. Set in Western Sydney, it was a real treat to be able to recognise all the places and streets mentioned in the story. I also liked how diverse the characters in the book where, which is an accurate representation of Australia. This book will make you feel a range of emotions and explores a range of issues self esteem to finding out who your true friends are. It’s always a pleasure to read an Australian story and in particular, one that discusses important issues.

This YA Contemporary read keeps it real.. I laughed, I cringed.. I was wrapped in this story an read it in only 2 days!!! It was interesting to see that this book focused on other youth issues that do not get a lot of attention – body image and weight obsession. The teenage years are a difficult time in our lives and many books have demonstrated the challenges teens face from socio-economic to cultural differences however this book follows the story of Zara who invests her time into losing the weight she feels is needed to get the boy of her dreams who incidentally – already has a girlfriend. While reading this, I kept thinking.. WHY!? if you want to lose weight – do it for yourself not for a guy!!! What I liked most about this book was the structure.. In the beginning, it doesn’t delve into a plot line straight away, it takes you through getting to know each character and how so well defined each person is. The dialogue was quite funny and it was a lot of fun reading a book that’s set in places I recognised – Western Suburbs of Sydney!!!

Read3r’z Re-Vu recently hosted a session with theme “Snack Time” that allowed members to review a book of their choosing that related to snacks or a favourite book they remembered reading whilst enjoying their favourite snack (or crave their favourite snack). The author of this book, the lovely Tamar Chnorhokian joined us as our special guest author. We want to extend our special thanks to Tamar for taking the time to talk to us about her journey to publishing her debut novel and for the great stories she shared with us!
Tamar, we hope to see you again one day soon!!!


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