Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz

Insightful – Relevant – 4 stars

The synopsis of this book captivated me and this was one book I really could not put down!!!  This story is thought provoking as it deals with very real issues that we don’t seem to think about or even understand – unless it was to happen to us personally. “Something In Between” is told by protagonist Jasmine del los Santos  who migrated with her family from The Philippines to The United States of America. Her parents are highly qualified in The Philippines however in America, her mother is a hospital cleaner and her father is a bus driver – both trying to make it in America to give their children a better life and better opportunity.
Jasmine is a model student – captain of the cheer squad – no time for social life or parties as her parents push her to study and engage in extra curricular activities. Her grades and activities have ensured her a spot in a prestigious college only to have it all undone for her when she is selected for a National Scholarship that she is to turn down when she discovers her parents are actually “undocumented aliens” a.k.a: illegal immigrants and have been living under the radar all her life.

Although I had an idea from the start where this story would be going, I found I really felt the emotions Jasmine was feeling and I was just so wrapped in the story, I really wanted to know what happened next – does she get her green card? does she get deported? what about the guy she’s met? can Jasmine really forgive her parents for the major let down?  It was so interesting to read and I highly recommend this book to all YA contemporary fans – it’s interesting, insightful and relevant..

Many thanks to Harlequin Publishers for sending me an Advanced Review Copy in exchange for my honest review.


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