On the Blue Train by Kristell Thornell

What really did happen to Agatha Christie during her mysterious eleven-day disappearance just as she was on the cusp of fame?

“Yes, she said, finally. Breaks are important. There are times when it’s wiser to get away. From it all.”

“On The Blue Train” is an interesting interpretation into the disappearance of Agatha Christie on 4 December, 1926 who took on a different identity. Escaping her past, Teresa decides to take a break away from it all and becomes a resident of the spa hotel named Harrogate Hydro. It is here she meets and becomes friends with another resident of the hotel, Harry McKenna who shows her how to dance and enjoy life again. This is a novel about white lies to protect ourselves and truths be known. It is a dark and brooding novel which moves from France to England taking us on a ride through Agatha Christie’s twelve day disappearance and what could have happened.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I rated it 4 out of 5 stars – special thanks to Allen and Unwin Publishers for sending me an Advanced Review Copy in exchange for my honest review. I really recommend this book!!!



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