A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

An epic sequel to an awesome debut.. 5 stars!!!

I took part in a read along with a friend and I have to say, this story was just as (if not more) gripping that the debut novel “An Ember in the Ashes”!!! From start to finish this book kept me guessing – cringing – gaping.. right up until the end and I was still pleading for more. The story is told in various perspectives and I found all voices of each character very easy to distinguish and the flow of multiple storylines just flowed so well and ultimately came together as one major -plot line. As I was reading, I frequently developed theories about the main characters – only to be proven wrong with the major twists throughout the book.. I even found myself loving and wanting to cause grievous bodily harm to some of the characters!!! Honestly.. the third installment really can’t get here quick enough!!!

The story takes us back to the brutal world that is inspired by Ancient Rome and its ruthless way of ruling with an iron fist. It continues Laia and Elias’ story who had come together in book 1 in the most unlikely conditions which sent them on a path that could lead to the start of a revolution. However on this path, they are now running for their lives after the events of the Fourth Trial where Martial soldiers are hunting them down and Laia is determine to break into the Empire’s most notorious prison to save her brother whom is believed to be the key to the Scholars’ survival. An epic sequel – a story of twists – supernatural – betrayal and mystery this intense book will have you on the edge of your seat…



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