Exclusive Interview with New Adult Author: C.J Duggan

Founder of Read3r’z Re-Vu Annie teams up with Founder of Book Buddy Designs/Blogger Tianna for an exclusive blog interview with International New Adult Best Seller, Australian Author C.J Duggan!!!

“New York Nights” by C.J Duggan has been rated 5 stars!!
This book is amazing!!! Hands down my latest, favourite New Adult read written by Australian Author CJ Duggan. Without spoilers: the book centres on Sarah Williams, a young independent Aussie who goes to New York to be an au pair for successful businessman Ben Worthington’s baby daughter. Sarah is very relatable, she’s fun, quick witted and challenging but she still has her heart in the right place with a good sense of morals and responsibilities. Ben is a misunderstood character who I can’t say too much about or I’ll spoil the book. But I will say I found myself getting very attached to these characters and eagerly anticipating the next scene they appear in together as their chemistry is amazing. The plot of the book at first seems simplistic (not so rich girl meets hot, brooding, rich guy) but then Duggan creates a world of secrets tightly guarded by the Upper-class Worthington family. Nothing is as it seems in this family as secrets begin to be revealed with a massive plot twist towards the end which left me shocked and cheering. One of the highlights of Duggan’s writing is the way she describes Sarah’s NYC surroundings. Not just the heart of the city but also the surrounding suburbs. Duggan isn’t afraid to name drop as she describes various New York City landmarks either. Another one of Duggan’s charms is the aussie, light hearted sense of humour that fills the dialogue. You can’t help but to laugh at some of the things her character Sarah is saying. Final opinion: If you love a light and fluffy book that engages you from the first page: READ THIS BOOK. If you have no sense of humour and an intolerance for happy stories: hand it to a girlfriend who needs a laugh. After reading this book, I hope we get to meet these characters again. Maybe next time in Sydney?



Let’s get to know Australian Author C..J Duggan!!

What inspired you to write your first novel?
The Boys of Summer was an idea I had when I was in my pre-teens; it was obviously just an idea that had been lying dormant waiting to be told. I became reconnected with books and writing in my twenties and it was that ancient idea that was loudest in my mind at the time. It took me only a month to complete 90,000 words, a crazy passion project that will always be close to my heart.

Do you have a particular method for writing your novels for example chocolate or having a photo of someone who inspires you on your desk?
I have to be in my office. I find it very difficult to write anywhere else, I need to be surrounded by things that inspire me, oh and cold Pepsi Max of course!

When you’re not writing, do you read romance novels?
Absolutely! Anything YA or Historical, Paranormal when the mood strike, a good romance is what keeps me turning the page.

If only one of your books were turned into a movie, which book would you prefer to see as a film adaptation and who would be the lead star?
Paradise City would make for a great adaptation. Lexie, Luke and Dean need to be brought to life! I think Aussie actress Alicia Banit from Dance Academy would be the perfect Lexie, incredibly talented I’m a big fan of her work.

What is the title of the first novel you wrote and why did you choose this particular genre to write?
The Boys of Summer was my official first title published. Back in the day New Adult wasn’t really even a thing, so it was slotted more as a ‘mature’ YA. I am so happy how much the New Adult genre has expanded, being able to push the envelope on some of the more serious subjects of this age group is very satisfying as a writer.

What was the best piece of advice you were given as an author?
Own what you do.

For new readers like myself, when did you start writing and what was your first novel you completed?
I have been writing all through my teens, only getting an online presence and connecting with the bookish community in 2010. I had written a novel during this time but it wasn’t until 2011 when I penned ‘The Boys of Summer’ and I knew that would be my first published novel.

Do you ever travel abroad as inspiration for your work?
I am usually on holidays when inspiration strikes; it was how I came up with the idea of ‘The Heart of the City’ series during a round world trip in 2015. The Paradise series came to me in LA, and brainstormed further on the Gold Coast. I plan to go on an intentional research trip next time.  

How many drafts do you tend to write before sending it off to an editor?
I usually write freely turning that editing switch off before sweeping through and cleaning it up and submitting to my editor who will do line edits and send the MS back to me. I will go through changes and then submit to a secondary editor who will concentrate on structural story development and character, plot development etc. I will go through copyedit changes, possible rewrites and bigger changes are made here. If I am happy I will then send to a proofer (usually 2 people) before sweeping through it one last time before it gets formatted.

When writing do you write sequentially or do you write different scenes at a time?
I definitely write in order. I like to go through that excitement of living through the characters and experiencing what they are experiencing. I’ll write notes, but I am generally a total pantser not a plotter so most of the time I am just as excited to see what happens next, and if I feel that way it’s my hope the reader will feel that way to. 

Who has been your most difficult character to write out of all your works and what made them difficult?
Definitely London Bound. I did massive rewrites and went through a lot of soul searching when it came to writing Jack. It’s hard when your writing head and heart are at odds, but after some serious rewrites I am so happy with what it has turned into. I honestly believe that the most difficult books tend to turn out the best, I’m not sure why that is, but I think it might be because we have to tap into a deeper a place in order to get it over the line.  

In your heart of the city series which famous city has been your favorite to write about and why?
I think New York, the character Sarah really had a sense to want to explore and was always lost in that ‘pinch yourself moment’ which I think is quite relatable when you are lost in such an iconic city as New York.

Your titles cross over a few places: London, New York, Paris.. are these places you have been to and were inspired? Also which was your favourite place to visit?
I went to all three places in 2015 so the experience was very fresh in my mind and hugely inspirational. Being able to write about characters walking the exact same street you did, or eating from a café you went to is so fun. It’s also great to think that your readers can also walk in your characters shoes given the chance.

Without spoilers: Who is your favorite character in New York Nights and why?
That would have to be my leading lady Sarah. She is really determined yet vulnerable and incredibly relatable; it was really fun to explore New York through her eyes.

Roughly how old are your characters? When I read New York Nights I pictured Ben as late 20s early 30s and Sarah as almost mid 20s to late 20s.
I usually write about characters exploring those post school years where their experiencing so many life changes. Leaving home, first job, first love, first heartbreak and all the while not having a clue what you are doing. The 20’s is about finding out who you are, making mistakes and learning from them (Hopefully) 

Have you been brave enough to book that ticket?
Ha! I’m not going to lie when I booked my round the world trip and received our paper itinerary that resembled a brick it was so thick I did have a few heart palpitations.

Which series of yours would you recommend to a new reader to read first? 
The Summer series is somewhat a classic amongst my readers it’s where it all began for me and is a light, Aussie romance set in the 90’s what’s not to love?

For further insight into C.J Duggan’s work – log onto her website: http://www.cjdugganbooks.com/

C.J Duggan, many thanks for taking the time to speak with us!!
We wish you all the best for the next chapter you may be writing!!

Special thanks to Hachette Publishers for providing us with an Advanced Review Copy in exchange for our honest review

-Interview conducted by Annie and Tianna

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