Vigilante by Kady Cross

Intense, confronting, a page-turner!

Vigilante is a story about girl power or to put it more accurately, it’s about empowering females. It’s an action-packed, easy to read and unputdownable read. The story can be quite confronting and disturbing as it involved detailed sexual assault and dealing with suicide. Our protagonist, Hadley is like any normal high school girl looking forward to senior year but when her best friend Magda committed suicide after being raped by multiple boys at a party, Hadley was distraught by the gravity of what happened. Since the legal system was unable to deliver the appropriate justice against Magda’s attackers, Hadley decided to dish out her own brand of justice on each of Magda’s attackers, she began masking herself as the anonymous Pink Vigilante. Vigilante promotes self-protection and defense against sexual assault. At a deeper level, Vigilante warns of the consequences of taking justice into your own hands. The story touches upon the use of social media for bullying, illustrates the power of women when they support one another, and advocates the importance of correcting societal biases and assumptions against women. I recommend this book for those who wants to read about girl power, “victor not victim” storyline and for those who enjoys a good revenge story. It is a satisfying story as the villains definitely got what they deserved. After reading this book, I was seriously considering taking self-defence classes!


– NJ


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