Singing My Sister Down and other stories By Margo Lanagan

An intricate, resonant and perceptive set of short stories!

I have just finished reading all the short stories in this book and the first words that came to mind when describing what I’ve read are – poetic, resonant, peculiar (in a good way) and well written. The stories have a classic/gothic fairytale feel to it and it’s hard to put down. Each story was unexpected, surprising and intricately written. It feels like reading a treasure trove of delightful and vibrant stories that explores themes of family, love, choices, courage, reflection, and gratitude. The stories have emotional impact and at times very raw, heart breaking and confronting; it’s what makes this book a stand-out in my opinion. From the books I have read by Margo Lanagan, she has never disppointed because her writing style has this unique artistry and elegance which shines through. I think “Singing My Sister Down and other stories” is one of those books where Lanagan’s words will carry you to a different place through different characters (sniper, father, brother, granddaughter, spirits, ogre) but somehow you can still relate to everything she has written. I recommend savouring it slowly, with a cup of tea and let yourself be immersed into the stories.

Click here for the book blurb on Goodreads

– Review by NJ

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