The Things I didn’t Say by Kylie Fornasier

A powerfully inspiring read!  5 stars!!

I have so many things to say about ‘The things I didn’t say’.

A very thought provoking read about a girl who suffers from a disorder called Selective Mutism (which is very similar to severe social anxiety).

Piper Rhodes’ story is one every reader will take something away from, she has all the same emotions as we would have and she has a boyfriend too… except she has one bigger problem… she can’t talk to him or anyone at her school.

Piper is the kind of character that I didn’t realised just how much I bonded with until the last few chapters when I was struck with the reality that the book was going to end and I would hear no more about Piper’s story.

At one point I was almost in tears as she faced some bullying all because of a lack of awareness and understanding about her disorder (which is a very real issue in the world today and is a much more harmful issue facing teens. I believe the author captured that fact so well in this book) and I was amazement at how Piper handled the bullying.

I loved everything about this book, it was so incredibly deep and I found myself connecting with the characters so effortlessly.

I loved the way piper sits in nature and hears every sound and it had me thinking just how much have I myself forgotten how to listen and appreciate all the natural sounds in the world.

I still have so many things to say about ‘The things I didn’t say.’

– Crystal

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