Amid Wind and Stone by Nicole Luiken

Otherselves #2 – to be published on 7 March
4 stars!

“I think that the only thing that makes war inevitable is both sides’ belief that peace is impossible.” – Audrey

Why have I not discovered this series before? The dual storylines of Dorotea and Audrey kept me reading…up to 2am. A highly imaginative and clever take on paranormal romance filled with non-stop action, character struggles and adventure. The story runs through two parallel time lines/alternate universes of Audrey and Dorotea who are each other’s “Otherselves” in their mirror worlds. Audrey’s story is set in the steampunk Air world with flying airships, funky gadgets, a class system reminiscent of a bygone era, and wind spirits. Dorotea, however lives in an underground primitive Stone world segregated by the Skilled and Unskilled, with strained relationships between the humans and the gargoyles (due to an unforgivable betrayal). Could Dorotea put behind her prejudice for love?

The world building is highly ambitious because the Air and Stone worlds are only two of the four “mirrored” worlds that must battle against an evil sorceress from the True world. A pivotal theme explored in this novel is humanity’s struggle to balance their need for dominance, control and survival with nature. Read this series if you like creative world building, spirited and capable characters, loveable phantom, gargoyles and elementals. It’s a delightful read that set my imagination on fire.

Other quotes that I liked:

“Being a monster has nothing to do with having fangs and claws. Monsters are those who behave in monstrous ways.” – Dorotea

“Strength shouldn’t mean being unfeeling.” – Audrey

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Funny interview with the characters!
Book 1 – Through Fire and Sea 

– NJ