Footloose: Bonus CD! “Footloose” performed by Kenny Loggins, illustrated by Tim Bowers

A funky 5 stars!!!

“Everybody’s gotta cut loose.. Footloose!!”

This would have to be one of the funkiest picture books I’ve ever read!!!
Who remembers “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins in the 80’s?? Well on October 26, the kids corner of bookstores will be hit with this amazing picture book where the No.1 hit Footloose has been re-written for children!!

Beautifully illustrated by Tim Bowers, this visual feast of a story is set in a zoo where animals wait for all the visitors to go home so they can then.. cut loose.. footloose!!! It’s such a fun read as it comes with a bonus cd, what I like to call a “Footloose” revival!! Singer Kenny Loggins re-sings “Footloose” and readers can read/sing along as the lyrics tell the story throughout the picture book.. You meet some awesome characters like Louise – the rocking chimp.. DJ Elephant and Milo the Wombat.. Don’t think I’ve ever danced along while reading a book before.. Such a great picture book suitable younger readers and fun for the whole family..

Many thanks to Allen & Unwin Publishers for sending me an Advance Review Copy in exchange for my honest review

A Stolen Kiss by Kelsey Keating

A whimsical fairytale retelling that steals the heart…4.5 stars

“I’m expected to marry a girl I just met and live happily ever after with her. We were supposed to fall in love at first sight, right? But the thing is, I don’t even know if I like her much right now. She attacked me! Look at the bite marks!” 

Reading A Stolen Kiss is like reading a fairytale that broke all the rules; it is vivid, beautiful, thought provoking and unputdownable. Imagine the Prince, Princess, Sorcerer and the Lady’s maid all having multiple dimensions to their personality with weaknesses, self doubt, fears, choices, opinions that’s different to what’s expected in their traditional role in fairytales; where the story turns the traditional tale of “true love’s kiss breaking the swan transformation curse” on its head; the result is a well executed whimsical fairytale retelling with endearing characters. I enjoyed the adventure, character depth/development, magic (an essential ingredient), lots of plot twists and beautiful tender dialogues. This fairytale retelling definitely went above my expectations. It is also empowering to read a fairytale where the characters are self-aware of their role in a traditional fairytale while having choices to be different! Highly recommended for readers of romance, fantasy novels and especially those that like fairytales with a twist.

Other great quotes:

“The one you care for. You don’t care for this version? He’s rather honest, though, isn’t he? Or are his truths like mine—unwanted? You want the pretty package…. the heart of gold. You don’t want the baggage that comes with it.”

“If you focus on your mistakes and your failures, you’ll never grow past them”

“Everyone’s so obsessed with doing the right thing, but if you’re miserable doing it, how can it be the right thing?”

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– NJ