Jet Black and the Ninja Wind by Lisa Lowitz and Shogo Oketani

***Kick Ass Read of 5 stars!!!***


So imagine this……

You’re born into the Western world with an Asian (in this case, Japanese) heritage.. You think you’re living a regular life with school and friends accept for the fact that your Mum is forcing some crazy martial arts training on you everyday after school to protect you from enemies.. All the while you think your Mum has lost the plot.. what enemies!? Until one night, a life changing incident occurs to which you discover that growing up, all was not as it seems and you learn all the training was to prep you to become a NINJA!!! A life you never thought to be yours.. You are then forced to learn, accept and understand your family’s secretive history and then you are thrown into a quest with limited guidence to save your family’s secret and sacred land..

To be honest, if I could give this book 6 stars, I would!! A unique and fast paced read that integrates contemporary young adult with ninja action and historical reference.. I recommend it to all YA fans..