The Selection, The Elite and The One by Kiera Cass

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass is one that was really enjoyed by us!!! From beginning to end, it was a series we were so captivated by. Here are our thoughts on the series…

Annie’s Review:

I was given these books as a birthday gift from my friend Amanda who highly recommended the series to me and told me to “embrace the cheese”.. Embrace the cheese I did!!! I have to say I really enjoyed this series from beginning to end – the storyline was so addictive and it was one of those series where I fell in love or absolutely loathed characters which is not usually a reaction I have to books!! When I have an emotional reaction to a book, I know it’s an epic story. The writing style is very easy to read and it’s so easy to get engrossed into the series so quickly. I called this a Dystopian Cinderella meets The Bachelor. With plot twists and gasping revelations, I highly recommend this series to fans of YA Fantasy Fiction and Dystopia.


Meredith’s Review:

The Selection

I enjoyed ‘The Selection’ more than I thought I would. It was one of the books I was told over over again to read. When I finally did pick it up, went straight to the bottom of my TBR piles… I wasn’t planning on getting sucked into the story or even falling in love with some of the characters. But I did. Oh, I did. I’m off to find book two, which is in one of my many TBR piles.

The Elite 
Seriously. What’s with the cliffhanger? Couldn’t this book gone on longer? I really need a voodoo doll for the king. The king gives me the creeps. With how the book ended I’m going straight into the third book. Looks like I’m not going to get any sleep tonight.

The One 
I was not expecting to cry in this book. But I did a couple of times. After I cried the first time, I had to put the book down for a few days. Because I couldn’t (or did not l) believe what had just happened. The second time was happy tears. Well worth the time to read this book. I’m really looking forward to book 4 now.


NJ’s Review:

The Selection series is just so addictively good. It’s The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games! When I first started reading I was thinking who would name their child America Singer? But after I finished the series, America Singer was not just a name but an icon (wait until you read The Heir and The Crown). Reading this book is like watching an addictive reality TV and with each chapter, you get closer to the fairytale ending. This series is so much fun to read, I was so sad when it ended! I feel that it’s one of those fun series that you won’t regret reading. I also want to take a moment to say the cover art is just amazing. The dresses are so beautiful that it inspired me to craft these miniature dress magnets/brooches (see below). Feel free to check out my Insta (@TheCurioBoutique) for more bookish crafts!


My Name is Victoria by Lucy Worsley

Riveting read for those who like history with a twist!

My Name is Victoria is a sensational read about the young Queen Victoria in a fictional setting. It’s an interesting read that explores the young Queen’s life from when she was a young princess up to adolescence. I enjoyed the themes explored including friendship, loyalty, and selflessness. There are some twists and turns which did surprise me. I recommend this book for young readers who like history and learning about Queen Victoria’s struggles growing up in a royal household and fighting the “system” that she was born into. The chapters are set at different life stages of Queen Victoria as well as well known landmark settings like Kensington Place and Winsor Castle. I particularly liked the illustrations at the beginning of each section which depicts the setting of the story and the black silhouettes at the beginning of each chapter which gives the book a fairy-tale vibe. This book makes you want to learn more about the monarchy and the secrets behind what it is like to be royal. It’s a worthwhile, well researched and entertaining read!

– NJ