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Read3r’z Re-Vu is a network of readers that launched in April 2009. Founded by Annie McCann, their humble beginnings commenced in Borders, Parramatta and has continued successfully ever since. Hosting sessions once a month, the group meets to discuss what they love most – books!!! What’s most unique about this network is the structure, rather than analysing a prescribed text, the session is allocated a theme so members are free to choose their own titles for review that correspond to the theme. Over the years, the network expanded and many new friendships were formed. The dynamics of the group is so diverse from age, gender, faith, culture and even location!!!

The network have also formed alliances with major book retailers and publishing houses that have supported the group with hosting sessions. One of the most exciting experiences as avid readers is the unique privilege of having authors join as special guests at their events. Read3r’z Re-Vu have formed friendships with Kate Forsyth, Greg Barron, Banafsheh Serov, Juliet M. Sampson, Gabrielle Tozer, Will Kostakis, Sarah Ayoub, Wanda Wiltshire, Frances Watts, Justin Sheedy, David M. Henley, Lauren Dawes, Kylie Chan, Queenie Chan, Isobelle Carmody and Kylie Fornasier. 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting season ahead with many more guest authors to join Read3r’z Re-Vu.

As a dedicated team, The Read3r’z Re-Vu Committee (Annie McCann, Meredith Thomas, NJ Hu and Crystal Oros) continue to work tirelessly to deliver insightful sessions to their members and to add to the excitement, organise special events that include the annual favourites: Bookstore Crawl and Athletics Carnival BBQ. The Bookstore Crawl is a day dedicated to visit all the bookstores in Sydney on foot. It’s a fun day for all members to grab excellent book bargains and enjoy the ambience of some fine bookstores in Sydney. The Athletics Carnival BBQ is a day to get out and enjoy a great feed and some vitamin D. Prize winning athletics activities take place at our favourite park.

We have always supported authors by reviewing our reads on however this year as part of a new project, we have created our first blog!! This is a Read3r’z Re-Vu Committee run project where we will endeavour to blog our reads to endorse wide reading. We hope you will enjoy our blogs!!

Read3r’z Re-Vu always welcome avid readers who wish to join us.

Find us on Facebook or Twitter – @Read3rZ

Til we meet again.. Happy Readings!!

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