Prince Lestat and The Realms of Atlantis (The Vampire Chronicles vol 12) by Anne Rice

5 STARS! Unputdownable, amazing world building with the back story of all back stories.

“Afterall, it is a lot of trouble to hate people, isn’t it? And a lot of trouble to be angry, and a lot of trouble to bother with such abstract notions as guilt or revenge.”- Anne Rice, Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis

Prince Lestat and The Realms of Atlantis kept me reading through the night and my immediate impression after reading this book was: this book is absolutely amazing to the core (pun intended) and be prepared to feel a myriad of emotions! Prince Lestat and The Realms of Atlantis (vol 12 of the Vampire Chronicles) takes Prince Lestat (vol 11) up a notch by exploring in-depth origins of Atlantis and how it relates to the origins of vampires, it ties up the vampire chronicles and all our favourite vampires in a seamless way. It is well-paced with incredible spellbinding storytelling and is filled with breathtaking world-building. I don’t know what could be more thrilling than our favourite, lovable but tormented vampires (a legend themselves) coming to terms with the legend of Atlantis or “Atalantaya”! If Atlantis did exist, I would want it to be how it was described in this book. There were also many heartfelt moments for our tormented vampires and spirits. The writing is palpable with truth, friendship, anger, courage, forgiveness and love. It questions existence, faith, fear and suffering. Lestat is (and have always been) a beacon of love and joie de vivre. This book is very timely during our tumultuous and uncertain times; it sets a keen reminder that through loving, we can conquer suffering. A 2017 must read for fantasy lovers.

Other interesting quotes:

“my motto, what it’s always been. I refuse to be bad at what I do, and that includes being bad. I won’t be bad at being bad.”

“There is only value… to overcoming suffering and seeking to spare others the suffering one has known oneself.”

– NJ